At Tailor Made Physiotherapy we use a computerised force platform to measure how the foot moves as you walk.  We use this information to build a customised orthotic to guide your foot through the best possible movement as you walk, run and play sport.

Our orthotics are available in a range of shapes and sizes so that your orthotic is tailored to your lifestyle.  Our orthotics are tailored to your weight and needs so that they provide support where it is needed but also flex slightly so it doesn’t feel like you are running on concrete.  Whether you wear school shoes, work shoes, runners or narrow dress shoes, we have an effective orthotic for you.

Our computerised force platform gives us precise measurements about foot movement pattern and force distribution as you walk.  It takes into account all parts of your foot and not just the arch.  This means we do not need to make assumptions on how your walk based on just the shape of your foot or how you stand.  The result is a much more effective and comfortable orthotic.